You Aint Doin Nothin Till Niggaz Hate You!

O.C Interview


HateMeBad Journal: Who are you?
O.C: My name is Obray Cowan…Some call me O.C…others call me just “O”..Born in Charlotte NC.
HateMeBad Journal: What got you interested in doing tattoos?

 Ive always been interested in art, even as a child…I got my first tattoo at 17 and Ive been an addict since.
Moved to FL to get my degree in computer animation. I only had about 6 tattoos when I moved…Met my friend and mentor Roberto Charneco, who introduced me to the tattooing lifestyle while I was still attending school.
HateMeBad Journal: Whats somthing that can annoy you while tatting someone?

O.C: Hmm…I feel like an impatient client is one of my biggest pet peeves….Someone who always wants to stop and look at it..instead of patiently waiting for the finished product..that annoys me almost as much as clients who think they can tell me how to do my job after watching an episode of “miami ink” or “ink masters” haha…but otherwise that, I try to be as nice as possible to everyone

HateMeBad Journal: What are good questions to ask a tattoo artist to make sure they are the one for the job?

O.C: The first thing you should do, is ask to see the artist portfolio. Thats very important..i notice that a lot of people dont ask..they think just because a person is in a shop that they are the right artist for them…And secondly, get to know your artist..whether it be just a 10 mintue conversation…or going out to lunch, grabbing a brew etc….we are people too…haha…I like to get to know all my clients..its a great way to have a lasting bond…Through art and conversation.

HateMeBad Journal: What is the craziest tat you have ever done?

O.C: Craziest tat I’ve done so far was on this guys ass.. He got “Your Name” on is his ass cheek haha…I asked him why and he told me that he was going to tell people he had there name on is ass..and bet them $50 or higher…sure enough he’s made some cash haha..Pretty Funny
HateMeBad Journal: Was that the first ass you tatted? 
O.C: Nah it wasnt the first. The first was this chick who wanted butterfly wings on each ass cheek…hahaha

HateMeBad Journal: Name me a underrated movie
O.C: “The Wood” that movie is super underrated haha

HateMeBad Journal: Name something in the world that is overrated why? 

O.C: Something in the world thats overrated in the world…shit..i wish i had a book..but politics..celeb gossip…anything that lacks substance is overrated to me..and that a lot of shit…haha..

HateMeBad Journal: What upcoming events do you have for 2013? & Where can people get in contact with you?

O.C: I plan on painting more pieces that will be for sale…I plan on doing a lot with my shop Dermal Designz Tattoos and Piercings in Cornelius NC. A suburb of Charlotte NC…We plan on getting a new artist soon and just focusing on progression and growth…definitely trying to enter some conventions soon.Not trying to rush anything..just taking it one day at a time. 
Contact info:
Facebook: Our page is Dermal Designz
My Facebook page is OCizzle TheArtist..its a normal profile so I can talk to my clients or anyone with questions
Telephone is 704 655 7508
Website is www.DermalDesignz.com
HateMeBad Journal: Why do haters exist?
O.C: Haters exist to motivate the people they are hating on…Hating is just a reflection of envy and jealousy…Use it as motivation and get your goals accomplished..if there’s one thing a hater hates…is seeing you be successful…